02.19.21 Member Update

How’s everyone doing?  It’s been quite a week for snow, cold, and ice even in places that normally don’t see it.  Kudos to everyone who seized the chance to get some shots they wouldn’t normally get.  We’re praying everyone is staying safe and warm.  

Who can’t empathize with the tiny little tufted titmouse fluffed up against the cold in Martha Hale’s Featured Image? Beth Hubbard’s portrait of a cactus has such rich tones and some great symmetry.  Her choice to show little hands holding the pot changes this from still life to a slice of life.

Featured Image from Matha Hale

New this week

You’ve switched the camera to video, you’ve learned how to move the camera and what shots to grab, now it’s time to put it all together!  Kyle gives us the basics on editing your videos!  We can’t WAIT to see everyone’s final projects!

Video projects can go in the new album!

Coming up

Next week is our monthly virtual meet up!  Hard to believe we are wrapping up our video theme!  Has this sparked your interest in learning more about video?  Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement coming soon!  Kyle is working on something outside of Members and is gearing up for an entire spring, summer, and fall of learning and teaching video.  We’ll be releasing the details soon!  This Video Q&A is a perfect time to learn more about what is to come!  See you next week!

Feb 24 9pm EST/8pm CST

password: sps2021



Featured Image from Beth Hubbard

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