02.12.21 Member Update

We’re so happy that so many of you are taking on video with us!  Keep those clips coming!

Sarah Anne’s Featured Image is gorgeous and timeless in contrasty black and white and is a great reminder to keep our cameras close at hand.  Aaron Puttcamp’s Feature from the slopes is full of action, story, and vibrant punch of color.  

Featured Image from Sarah Anne

New this week

Kyle Shultz is getting in on the video fun as well!  His lesson is all about baking, uh, actually it’s all about the clips to capture when recording for your videos!  Check them out here!

Still itching to do something with photography this month?  We have brought back #myedit!  How does it work?  Download the file- it’s a DNG and should be able to upload to Lightroom- edit as you’d like then export and share it to the group!  hashtag it #myedit (we used to do numbers, but will keep it simple to #myedit).  Can’t wait to see what you do with these images!

No new magazines this month. Whaaaat?! We know. Believe us, we are really really missing them, but there isn’t an easy way to pull all those wonderful video clips together.  However, we do hope to have something at the end of the month to celebrate a great month of beautiful videos!

All of your B roll footage can get stashed in this album.

Coming up

Save the date for February 24th 9pm EST/8pm CST for a little Q&A with Kyle Shultz…. More details to come next week!



Featured Image from Aaron Puttcamp

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