01.22.21 Member Update

You guys brought so much light into Winter Darkness this week with your dramatic and creative shots.  It’s definitely another week where you need to check out the album if you haven’t because there just isn’t room to feature all of the gorgeous shots!

Speaking of albums, Sarah Bednar posted a little refresher on posting to the albums in case you need one.  

Our Featured Images this week come from Kathryn Pittsley and Jogvan Simonsen.  Kathryn’s portrait of her daughter is a lot of darkness, but uses rich tones and just enough light to make it feel warm and inviting.  Jogvan’s shot is a great example of the starkness of winter darkness with just a tiny hit of warm light mixed in.  Where does your eye come to rest in this shot?  Is it drawn to that tiny bit of warmth like mine was?

Featured Image from Kathryn Pittsley

New this week

Lots of winter beauty coming at you this week!  Our main lesson is all about Winter Details.  Catch the lesson here.  Lucky enough to have some snow and freezing temps?  Check out Jenna Thiessen’s beautiful lesson on how to shoot in snow!  And Melissa Tokariwski will blow your mind in her lesson on snowflakes (even if you don’t have snow right now, check these lessons out… great information to have in your back pocket!  Did you know snowflakes change shape based on temperature and humidity?)

See you next week when we interview Camilla Winter-Moore who is a Lensbaby pro!  January 28th at 1 pm EST/12 pm CST  Note the midday time (we’d like for her to be awake when we interview her!).  We will record it, so don’t worry if you can’t make it!

You did a beautiful job of chasing winter light!  Highlights are in the newest Magazine.

We have a new album for your Winter Details shots!



Featured Image from Jogvan Simonsen

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