01.15.21 Member Update

There’s so much beauty in this past week’s album.  You guys chased the light (and sometimes lack thereof) like no man’s business!  If you haven’t checked it out, you need to!  Way too many gorgeous shots to feature them all!

Our featured images this week come from Rachel Clelland and Rachel Zinanti.  Rachel Clelland’s image is so full or warmth and emotion while still clearly winter.  Rachel Zinanti’s image has great composition and is a perfect capture of a pocket of warm(looking) winter light.

Featured Image from Rachel Clelland

New this week

Was it a little challenging to chase the sunlight last week?  (Thank you days and days of clouds…)  Well, let’s take what we’ve been dealt and photograph winter’s darkness.  Catch the lesson here!

Seeing all the hype about Lensbaby lenses?  We are going to be interviewing Camilla Winter-Moore who is a Lensbaby pro!  Have questions about her work or the lenses?  Drop them hereJanuary 28th at 1 pm EST/12 pm CST  Note the midday time (we’d like for her to be awake when we interview her!).  We will record it, so don’t worry if you can’t make it!

Are you interested in having your image as a #myedit option in February?  Send your unedited DNG file to erica@shultzphotoschool.com!  Thanks!

You guys shared some fantastic images over the past week and we’re showcasing some of them in this week’s Magazine. 

Put all of your Winter Darkness beauty into this week’s album.



Featured Image from Rachel Zinanti

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