01.01.21 Member Update

Happy New Year!  We are so excited for what’s ahead and to see all of you continue on your photography journey this year!

The story behind Emily Carper’s shot of her littles cutting cookies along with the lighting and rich edit make it one of this week’s Featured Images.  The gorgeous light in Sarah Bednar’s shot of her little guy and his astronaut feels like hope to me and made it an easy pick for our other Featured Image this week.  

Featured Image from Emily Carper

New this week

If you have not been seeing everyone’s #Bestof2020 , you are MISSING OUT. You guys amaze me.

Let’s put 2020 behind us and hope for a great 2021!  Let’s do some reflecting and goal making shall we?  Check out this lesson to help with that!  (the SPS team gives some reflection and goals as well).  It also houses a lot of great resources to refer to as you make your goals!  

January’s theme will be “Winter Beauty” and is going to be a great one!  The theme will officially kick off next week.

The Team is looking for your Lensbaby questions.  We’ll be interviewing a Lensbaby rep in January and want to know what you struggle with?

A few important housekeeping items:

  • Are you new to Members? Have you joined the Facebook group yet?  Make sure to do so!  We would love to have you posting your work there and it is the best way to get support and encouragement!
  • We are planning to raise the price of the SPS Showcase Magazine (a printed, stand alone showcase of some of our group’s gorgeous 2020 images – check out our fb live on it here for more info). Still need to purchase one?  Grab one here!
  • Need some Shultz Photo School merchandise?
  • Have you registered for the Business Bootcamp?  You need to register before January 11th.  It will only be included as part of Members this one time.  Moving forward it will be a “Pro” course and will be offered only as a separate purchase.    Catch all the details here!
  • Interested in joining a project365 group?  Tell me here to be added to it!

This month’s Magazine has become such a treasury of fantastic images!



Featured Image from Sarah Bednar

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