01.08.21 Member Update

Oh my goodness it’s been so great to see everyone’s goals and starting place this past week.  It sounds like so many are ready to dig in this year!  And it’s been a great reminder that we photographers are mostly a humble lot – no one seems to think they’re as great as they truly are.  

Two very different kinds of light in our Featured Images this week!  Chelsea Barker’s image evokes energy and brightness while Anne Scherer’s evokes calm and tranquility.

Featured Image from Chelsea Barker

New this week

Alrighty, it’s time to jump into our January theme!  Winter Beauty!  Winter isn’t always easy to photograph but we are going to challenge you this month!  This week we are going to chase the sunlight!

Save the date!  We are going to be interviewing Camilla Winter-Moore who is a lensbaby pro!  January 28th at 1 pm EST/12 pm CST

I’m so sad to see this Magazine go!  It’s been such a fun collection of images all month!

Document all the light chasing in the new album!



Featured Image from Anne Scherer

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