Shultz Photo School Overview

I’m on a mission to teach moms & dads (and the like) the secrets of professional photography.  Why? Because the images you take of your kids, as they do ‘actual life,’ are the pics that matter most.

Hands down.

They will tell your family story and shape your legacy.

Shultz Photo School is a step by step, web-based class that’s self-paced and custom-fit for busy parents.

SPS is your shortcut for learning (great) photography.

-Kyle Shultz

“Kyle gave me the enthusiasm to learn how to shoot outside of ‘green mode.’ I finally feel like I am creating keepsakes instead of just snapshots!” -Lauren T.

 WHO is SPS for?

  • For busy moms and dads.
  • Sure, that can include a wide variety of folks ‘like’ moms and dads.  The point is that SPS focuses on creating priceless images of people (kids in particular…but of course we all know kids can be 60 years old).
  • For folks who bought a fancy camera to capture the life of their family, and are still lost on how to use it.
  • For ‘beginner’ photographers, although I know many ‘part time professionals’ who would pick up a few things from the class.
  • For anyone who has read books, magazines, and online tutorials, and just still struggles to put the pieces together. SPS lays out learning photography in a logical, sequential, step by step fashion.

WHAT does SPS teach?

  • Essentially, SPS teaches the foundations of photojournalistic portrait photography.  This includes:
    • Understanding Camera Operations and Functions
    • Understanding Lighting (natural lighting)
    • Understanding Composition
    • Understanding Exposure
    • Understanding Post Production, Editing, Printing, and Storage.
  • Tips and Tricks that come from 6 years of full time portrait photography.  Little things that make a big difference.
  • Only what matters most.  SPS must remain disciplined.  It’s tempting, very tempting, to try and throw the entire kitchen sink at you. But that approach is ineffective, period.
  • SPS is built on the 80/20 rule: the principle that 20 percent of something is always responsible for 80 percent of the results.  SPS focuses on the vital few, not the trivial many.
  • A good way to get a course overview is to simply click on the categories above. Each lesson has a preview.
  • And of course, SPS teaches what you need taught.  I’ll be listening to your comments, emails, and questions…and answering them as we go!

“SPS had an immediate impact on my photography.  The topics covered in class were easy to understand and easy to implement.  I was very pleased with how quickly I was able to improve my photography.” -Nick T.

WHEN does SPS ‘happen’?

  • SPS is goes on “SALE” via the SPS website only 3-5 times per yearwith additional sales and promos available at various times exclusive to SPS partners (a partner has an exclusive promo on his/her site to his/her audience).
  • Otherwise, SPS is always available at full price in between sales and promos for those that need to get started right away.  We hear you…sometimes there’s just no time to wait.
  • Upcoming SPS class enrollment SALES and PROMOS are communicated to those who have subscribed to our mailing list.  You can do that, very easily, by clicking here, or by scrolling up to the top right portion of just about any page.

WHERE does SPS take place?

  • On your couch, your phone, your work ;) …. wherever you have internet access.

HOW does SPS work?

  • When you enroll, you get full access to the entire SPS lesson library.  There’s about 40 lessons and counting.
  • You get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the lessons available at the time of your sign up, and any updates to those lessons!
  • Most lessons include a video format as well as a print format.  Some people learn better by one way or the other.
  • For now, we’re keeping it simple re: questions. Students can ask me questions via email or in lesson comments. We’ll be working on forum integration down the road.

WHY are you doing this?

  • I’ve dedicated an entire video to that topic.  It was created around Christmastime 2012, but it still gives a good overview as to the WHY of SPS:
  • But in short…because I believe what I’m teaching is the entire point of photography: to remember our story.
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